COBB Tuning 2.5 Inch 2-Bolt Exhaust Gasket



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Product Overview

2.5 Inch 2-Bolt Exhaust Gasket

  • 2.5″ ID
  • 2-Bolt
  • 4.13″ BHCL
  • 3.7″ OD
  • Graphite Construction

More Details

Replacement 2.5″ Exhaust Gasket for your cat-back exhaust system from COBB Tuning!


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Year Make Model
2013 Ford Focus ST ADM
2013 Ford Focus ST EDM
2013 Ford Focus ST USDM
2014 Ford Fiesta ST USDM
2014 Ford Focus ST ADM
2014 Ford Focus ST EDM
2014 Ford Focus ST USDM
2015 Ford Fiesta ST USDM
2016 Ford Fiesta ST USDM
2017 Ford Fiesta ST USDM
2018 Ford Fiesta ST USDM
2019 Ford Fiesta ST USDM